1 Year Warranty Inspection for Newer Homes

Homeowners who purchased their home over the last year bought during a frenzy and often found builders to be unaccommodating when it came to meeting the quality expected of them.

New homes are great, but they are not perfect. We often find issues that were overlooked or missing altogether, such as Insulation, Wiring Protection, Truss Bracing, Water Entry Protection, and more.

Failing to have a warranty inspection can lead to:

1st option, buyers remorse
Missing out on holding the builder accountable for their work
2nd option costly surprises
Living with issues that could have been discovered and handled
3rd option buy a money pit
Having to pay for repairs that are discovered after the warranty expires

Relax knowing you took FULL advantage of the benefits that come with your new home

save time and stress

Peace of Mind knowing you don't have to live with poor workmanship or hidden issues

live with confidence

Top to Bottom assurance with an inspection that covers everything form the attic to the underground sewer line

avoid confusion

Make it Official with everything documented in a complete report that can be shared with your builder as a punch list

we understand you home buyers

We Understand You

It isn’t right that just because you bought your new home during a market frenzy, that builder wasn’t as accommodating as they should’ve been. You are a paying customer, and bought a very expensive product, a home!

At ProInspect, think of us as your consumer advocate. It is our mission to make sure you received the product and quality you paid for. 

Certified since 2005

Technology & Tools

Construction Experience

How We Can Work Together

1st option, buyers remorse

Call us with specific concerns

2nd option costly surprises

Schedule the inspection before the warranty expires

sample home inspection report

We Go Above and Beyond For You

The State Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors, which ALL Arizona home inspectors are required to adhere to, are full of limitations that some inspectors use to get away with doing as little as possible.

For example, inspectors are not required to enter an attic, go up on a roof, or check every outlet and window in a room, even it is completely accessible! Every time a shortcut is taken, you learn LESS about your home and get exposed to potential costs you should’ve known about.

At ProInspect, we use the State Standards of Practice as a Starting Point for our inspections, not as the finish line, ensuring we maximize the amount of information you receive. Our goal is to arm you with all the knowledge you need to make a confident and informed decision about your home or commercial building purchase.