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Mold & Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Is Your Home Healthy or Sick?

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Musty Smell? Water Damage? Active Leak??

The good news is that the Phoenix Metro area isn’t a naturally wet climate that allows mold to thrive. If you have elevated mold in your home, it is because you have a water or moisture issue. If you do, mold can form within 24 to 48 hours.  

Is the Mold Elevated?. Every home has mold. What we want to know is if the interior mold counts are elevated when compared to the exterior mold counts, which is typically defined as 10 times higher than the exterior counts. We also want to know if there are mold inside the home that do not exist outside the home. 

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Our Mold inspection includes a visual inspection, sampling, and . Before we send the samples to the lab, we go through your home to determine:

  • Is there Active Moisture Entry or Saturation?
  • Is there Active Water Damage?
  • Is there Visible Suspected Mold Growth?
  • Are there Conditions that promote Mold Growth?
  • How many Air samples should we use and where should they be placed?
  • How many Surface “swab” samples are needed to identify visible growth?

Once completed, we provide you with our own report of the findings. and send the samples off to the lab. 


We partner with a Accredited local lab, Eurofins EMLab P&K, to provide a professional lab analysis of any samples taken during your Mold Inspection:

We do not leave you to guess on what to do after you received the results. We talk you through the results and provide a recommendation.

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