predrywall framing on new home construction

Pre-Drywall & Framing Inspections for New Construction​

We make sure you get the quality of construction you deserve

predrywall framing on new home construction


New construction definitely comes with some extra peace of mind.
You get that fresh clean smell, and a “bumper to bumper” warranty in case anything comes up.

However, do you know why problems come up? We do.

predrywall framing on new construction


The superintendents and city inspectors aren’t limited by their knowledge, they absolutely know their stuff. They are only limited by their TIME. 

We don’t have that issue. When we inspect new construction, we are able to take our time and make sure we hit all the checkpoints.


Having an inspection performed BEFORE the drywall goes up ensures the details aren’t overlooked. We see it all
Sloppy framing
Damaged lumber &
Holes in the slab
Unprotected wires and piping
Missing hardware
Poorly installed ductwork
And more…


We didn’t sign up for a one day class to learn how to inspect new construction. Our owner loves new construction. He started framing homes right out of high school, and once he started Inspecting homes, he obtained a Certificate in Building Safety & Technology. That means he took classes focused on:

We took that bank of knowledge and applied it to our service, which includes a customized report that your builder will be able to understand and put into action to make sure you get what you paid for in your new home.

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Kind Words From Our
Happy Clients

Dylan was extremely thorough and explained his inspection to us in clear understandable descriptions. Shortly after our inspection we received a complete home inspection report complete with pictures, video and explanations for every area of the house and any areas in need of further or future repair or replacing. I would highly recommend Dylan and ProInspect.
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Home buyer
I am very happy with the level of professionalism I received. He did a great job of delivering the facts without scaring anyone. Inspector used to be a Realtor and fully understood all aspects of the business. Extremely knowledgeable and I was impressed with how fast I received the full review.
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Dylan is very thorough, he really covers everything in the home and is very honest. He ensures the client understands every aspect of the report. He is my go-to inspector for all of my clients!
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We Go Above and Beyond For You

The State Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors, which ALL Arizona home inspectors are required to adhere to, are full of limitations that some inspectors use to get away with doing as little as possible.

For example, inspectors are not required to enter an attic, go up on a roof, or check every outlet and window in a room, even it is completely accessible! Every time a shortcut is taken, you learn LESS about your home and get exposed to potential costs you should’ve known about.

At ProInspect, we use the State Standards of Practice as a Starting Point for our inspections, not as the finish line, ensuring we maximize the amount of information you receive. Our goal is to arm you with all the knowledge you need to make a confident and informed decision about your home or commercial building purchase.